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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  December 10, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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>> with "all due respect," are people's choice award is not for sale. it can be rented at a reasonable rate. on the show tonight, move on taking a chance they do not pass go. mark udall from colorado is saying brennan is still lying about the cia you takes and on
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ye olde senate floor called for but the obama administration might cause a change in personnel. >> the president needs to purge the administration of high level officials instrumental to the running of this program. it needs to force a cultural change up the cia. he gives me no pleasure to say this but as i've said before tucker are brennan -- director brennan, that means resigning. >> not the first time mark udall has called for that. josh earnest called for a spirited defense. >> i had the opportunity to take a few trips with him when we were traveling with the president together. he is someone who i think adheres to the highest ethical standards that you would expect of a government official. >> the white house praises the senate report but lets them
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attacked the report. why is president obama straddling on all of this? >> let's speak to the udall thing. when john brennan was confirmed in march 20 he went up to the hill and to placate he basically said he was against waterboarding, thought torture was a bad idea and this was something that happened when he was in the cia because he served in the bush administration. there's part of what they had been mad about for a while. part of what he's doing now is going back and what he told them to get confirmed. that's part of what udall is so upset about. i would almost say if you were mark udall you could say you are being insubordinate to your own president right now. that's another reason you might have to go. >> he likes brennan personally
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and he does not want to be at war with the cia, but he is ignoring this. it's bizarre if you're trying to leave a great record for history, it is bizarre for barack obama to condemn the practice of the cia and let them are tracked the report. it's bizarre. >> it's completely weird. history shows they get a little spooked by the spooks in the cia. he's been very differential and there have been concerns raised about him. he feels like this is a guy he put in. i agree with the fact they are on different paths at this juncture is weird. looks weird, feels weird. >> his own administration did not cooperate very much with this. they blocked the release of some document siding with the cia.
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is going to have to deal with implications of how he's handled the release of this. >> i don't understand how he gets away with this. it's totally baffling to me. the question being debated today is the torture report good for america? the answer to msnbc is yes, but there are other questions, too. is america awesome? use your polarized tv scrimmage for the day. >> united states of america is awesome. we are awesome, but we've had this discussion. we stopped doing it. the reason they want to have this discussion is not to show how awesome we are. this administration was to show us how we are not awesome. >> michael vick did more time for what he did to dogs than anyone will face for what they did to human beings. >> and an open society, if the cia or other agency breaks the
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law, we the people should know it. they believe the report is a partisan play that will solve nothing. >> if you want to defend torture, by all means go ahead. i'm begging you -- spare me. these sermons about the law ever again. >> we decry what rolling stone did, a report that comes out without ever having insulting the people who were accused. >> if no one will prosecute then at least pardoned them so america is on the record naming what they did as criminal. >> sprinkled in amid the talking heads were two other unpaid former chief michael hayden and liz cheney, a defense of what many see as indefensible. >> they are absolutely flat wrong. >> it reads prosecutorial. >> it is information that led us
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to al qaeda leaders. >> a home depot-like storage of information on al qaeda. >> i never heard from anybody in any position of authority. whatever you guys do about this terrorism threat, please don't overreact. >> wall-to-wall with these folks today out there pressing the case. do you think there is any merit whatsoever in what they are saying. >> i think liz cheney is paid by fox news to be a contributor. a former cia directors and deputies, they do dispute about whether there was useful information gathered from these techniques. i think that's besides the point. if you think these are immoral, it's a bad idea. most of these are taken up with fog machines misdirection. yes, they didn't interview
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people because there was a criminal investigation going on. people act like they could have been doing this for months and months. i have found very little merit in the criticism. even if you accept every criticism, the fact that critics don't seem to want to learn about what was going on it's a disservice to history, public policy, and the agency they claim to love. >> are you calling them un-american? >> their accusation is partisan, that the report is partisan, is off base. what's really not partisan but what's interesting is people who are trying to preserve and protect their own reputations and the cia reputation. no one says they were not under pressure in the wake of 9/11 but their failure to respond on the merits of what they did wrong is really doing a disservice. >> you argue the alternative.
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what you just said was wrong but here's my answer in defense of that. you make a bunch of contradictory arguments. so much of this does not go to the use of a fog machine, there is -- and most of these cases, there's no direct engagement with the issues actually in the report. that is not just a democrat report, republican report but three reports. in many of those cases, they are not making a credible argument on the detailed questions whether or not they are factual. there will always be disputes over whether or not any factual information came out of these techniques. lying to george bush congress, or others, i will not respond any of those people. >> one of these guys should break rank and talk about with the cia did wrong. that would be useful. by the weekend, congress will probably pass a big old
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cromnibus. it is a catch all spending bill that adds up to -- to paraphrase dr. evil -- $1 trillion. this is a grab bag of special interest giveaways and some serious policy trying to get smuggled through customs with any much debate. it includes money for the hawaii cultural center, sculptural garden, amenities, compensation for livestock killed by wolves longer hours for truckers limits on contract with companies with overseas tax addresses, fewer rules for protecting small birds, other stuff, then finally money for f 35 fighters the pentagon doesn't even want. is this is usual or something worse? >> $1.4 million for this agriculture center.
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$52,000 for a tattoo removal parlor in california. an indoor rain forest. then the nevada school district for curricular development to study marriott sheet music. i can find things this ridiculous and every spending bill -- to study mariachi music. >> we thought we had stopped this. stop smuggling in things people don't approve to him this grab that turns in. it's the internet age, the age of twitter. this going and makes it worse than ever. >> 2006, $1 million -- 2008 116,000 dollars for the -- a sheep institute? >> this was all supposed to change in democrats and republicans are throwing in a bunch of stuff. who put it in? is the worst thing ever because
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things were supposed to have changed. >> $1.8 million for swine odor control. howard dean says he's ready for hillary, which we all knew, but he wrote an op-ed so now it is apparently for real. is spending $1 million apparently to try to get elizabeth warren to run for president even though she still says she won't do that. this is a multi pronged leftist kerfuffle. >> they are putting a lot of pressure on people to get on board. howard dean was already on board but this makes it more formal. the left is trying to raise money while also freaking out. they want candidate choice. they don't want a democratic party to coordinate someone without a contest. it will continue. we will see other spasms like
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this, but right now they are freaking out. they want choice. >> there's something delightful about how word dean having to distance himself in this way what i think to a lot of people looks like a scam on the part of but desperate to get more contributions to organizations rather than actually getting elizabeth warren in the race. coming up would you want your son if you had want to play football? if you said no, join the club. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> turns up the bloomberg politics poll covers more than just politics. we asked you questions about football. but with the popularity of football look like in 20 years? 70% said it would be more popular, but then we asked if
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they would let their sons play football but fully half said no. 58% of woman said they would not let their kid on the field. then we looked at income. 42% of people who make less than $50,000 said they would not. joining out to parse all of that information, the pride of red sox nation and bloomberg you sports columnist -- bloomberg view columnist. we discussed this motto is being put together. are you surprised by 50% of americans saying no football? >> i thought it would be higher. >> really? >> the increase in knowledge and awareness of the concussion protocol among high school kids. if you have a son in high school playing high school football he
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suffers a concussion, you can see a visible impact in his study habits academics him attention deficit disorder. then parents become acutely aware of that and i thought it would be higher. >> nfl trying to figure out their next steps forward. do you think they are worrying? >> absolutely not. there's no worry going on here. we had the same conversation with the ray rice in adrian peterson scandal. the matter how many bad things get associated with it, i would like to see regional break down of this poll. the income breakdown is interesting, but the pipeline of talent really only comes from pennsylvania, texas, florida california. >> the majority come from those
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four states? >> "the new york times" had a really great map showing it was the great majority. i would like to see how they feel. >> it's a great point. the nfl largely relies on kids from families that make less than $50,000 per year. not a lot of kids of a wall street traders or pundits that go want to play in the nfl. does that demographic give them a reason not to worry about the supply of good players? does the overall number make you worry about the fact that there might be a tipping point in this front? >> i don't think the nfl is worried. as long as the sec is playing that's a pipeline right into the national football league. this will have increasing awareness if there is a worry out there. i agree that people will
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continue to watch in great numbers but the increasing sophistication of the technology and the slow mode pictures of violent collisions on kickoffs parents shudder when they repeat it. look at this hit. the violence is an aphrodisiac for the telecast. they love it. they want more. they show more. it's scary. >> does the nfl have a pr or substance problem? >> nfl's reaction to every scandal every step of the way has kind of been retroactively trying to discuss the marketing and the way they are being looked that. the power is totally concentrated at the top and we have the problems we've always had. >> what happens when the thing i keep waiting for that i think is a moment is when someone gets hit on the field and dies in the middle of monday night football,
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does that not have some potential, especially in the case of boxing, but does that not have the potential to create a moment where they say this is televised barbarism and there is a national turning away from the screen. is that possible? >> it would take something as drastic as that. the cumulative effect adds up to more than that one drastic thing yet we are able to dismiss it. these are personal responsibility choices and people know the safety concerns that are involved in playing for all. they still go out and do it. layers still underreported there's a mentality need to overcome aside from just educating on the dangers. >> i think it's possible that a player could die on the field because of the violence of the collision. 6'4" inch guys running 2.4 40's,
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i think it's possible a player could die. i don't think it could diminish the popularity of the nfl because it's live sports programming and it wants to you in the comfort of your big-screen tv. you go to ballparks and go to these suites, they watch it on the big screen video inside. >> are any owners potentially going to break ranks saying we have more than a pr problem? >> robert kraft from the patriots is socially aware enough of things like this that he would be among the first. we've got a problem here. let's take a look at it. more so than up to this point. >> let me press the argument.
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i always thought that there was a parallel. people forget like jack dempsey, one of the most popular sports in america and muhammad ali, one of the greatest huge ratings for heavyweight prize fights just 30 or 40 years ago and now it's basically cock fighting and it is a niche sport. why is the thing that happened to boxing not possible to happen to the nfl? >> it's too big to fail. why we think about the follow boxing in these romantic terms that we rejected this very violent sport it was very corrupted by gambling and people lost faith in what they were watching. that happened a little bit with baseball but not too much. there needs to be something more
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, apparently, than the actual on-field danger. >> football ever be boxing? >> the demographics are entirely different. no viewer of that match could envision benny perez living down the street. because they supposedly go to college, you can envision nfl players living down the street. >> the man, the myth, the legend. the man who played the bandit and the guy selling all his worldly possessions, burt reynolds thomas in a, in a minute. ♪
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>> you may not know this about us, but we're huge fans of american hero burt reynolds. there's an auction this weekend
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involving a ton of merchandise. turns out we are not the only fan boys in this building. matt miller also got word of the fire sale and had to file this report. >> oh boy! "boogie nights" "deliverance" "smokey and the bandit." burt reynolds is auctioning off a lot of his stuff and i'm excited to see all the bling for sale. this painting would look great in my room. this bill a cold -- nice. i would totally wear that. a monogrammed briefcase i could totally bring to work. and a burt reynolds picture with his open shirt next to a horse. i don't get that one, but to each his own. look at this cool stuff here. a pair of bandit boots. and a signed photo of ronald reagan. next to the letter from catherine have earned saying
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"thank you for the bottle of whiskey." -- katherine hepburn. parking sign, mirror lined with leather boots -- wait. a ranch director's chair, boots he wore in "striptease." a poster saying "he wants you to have his baby." okay, that's pretty weird. most of this stuff is totally awesome. why would someone with this great stuff sell it off like this? >> for the glowerrty any and fun. mostly for the money. >> we will be back with a special audiovisual version of our special advent calendar. ♪
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>> day>> 11 of the bloomberg politics advent calendar. behind the door, someone wave and love on the show doing his best santa claus impersonation. >> ho, ho ho. ho, ho ho. >> check out bloomberg politics online. ♪
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>> hello. i'm pimm fox and this is what i'm "taking stock" of today. a familiar story for u.s. stocks. oil prices fall into do share prices. crude dropping more than 4% today to a five-year low in the s&p 500 losing more than 1.5%, the biggest decline since october. opec cut the forecast for how much crude they will need to provide to the lowest level in 12 years. u.s. energy information administration says $100 for a barrel of oil could be a t


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